Explore Mandarmani Beach Town in West Bengal

The Indian state of West Bengal has always been looked up for its unique culture. The state includes many districts covering various regions and each region has its own fables and fairy tales. People residing here have an interest in art & culture, which can be clearly seen in their ways of celebrating different festivals. Travelers who love to explore the culturally rich land of India can visit West Bengal, the cultural king of the country.

Gorgeous Mandarmani beach

West Bengal has a long coastline bordering the Bay of Bengal. The state has many beautiful beaches, Beaches like Bakkahali, Diamond Harbor, Digha, Falta, Fraserganj and Junput add a lot to the tourism value to the state. People can try a wide variety of water sports activities and have a great time with their families and friends at these beaches. Mandarmani is comparatively a new entrant in the list of tourist destinations in West Bengal. It is primarily a small beach town, which is geographically located in the southern region of the state.

Mandarmani Beach in West Bengal

This new found destination has been grabbing a lot of attention with its long stretches of virgin beaches. You can enjoy the exquisite sunrises and sunsets while relaxing on the beach. The waves are comparatively low here, so it is the great place for swimming. You can also play volleyball and cricket at these beaches. Mandarmani is situated about three km away from Shankarpur town of the state. Explorers can walk from this town to reach the virgin beaches.

The beautiful Mandarmani beach in West Bengal

Adventure enthusiasts can also have the time of their lives at the beaches of Mandarmani while trying out boat rides in the ocean. The entire stretch covers a distance of about 13 km and the most exciting part is – you can drive along the shore! It is also gaining popularity as the drive-in beach all over the nation. While in the town, you can also pay a visit to Digha, which is located close to this beach town. It is another popular beach of West Bengal that offers panoramic views to its visitors.

Explore the Old World Charm in Kolkata

People who want to explore the rich culture of India can head straight to Kolkata, the cultural capital of the country. The city is widely renowned as the most colorful and joyous place of India, where people love to involve in performing arts and literature. Geographically, Kolkata is located in the Indian state of West Bengal in the eastern region of the country. Situated on the banks of River Hooghly, the city is also crowned as the capital of the state. In the recent year, Kolkata tourism has shown a tremendous rise with the huge flock of people from different corners of the world.


The city of joy has various tourist destinations like Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial and more that make people extend their trip to Kolkata. The city has been widely acknowledged for its artistic, literary and revolutionary heritage. It was earlier crowned as the capital of India. The birthplace of artistic thought and modern Indian literary, this beautiful piece of land has been known as the City of Furious & Creative Energy. The existence of paras that are neighborhoods possessing the strong sense of community is one of the major characteristics of the city.


Every para in the city has its own community club and on occasion with a playing field. People residing in Kolkata are mostly engaged in addas or leisurely chars, which turn out to be their form of freestyle intellectual conversation. Kolkata has a tradition of political graffiti that has everything from a witty banter, caricatures to outrageous slander, limericks and propaganda.


There are many buildings carved in Indo-Saeacenic and Indo-Islamic architectural motifs adding to Kolkata tourism. Various well-furnished major buildings from the colonial period are considered as the heritage structures in the city. One such building is the Indian Museum that was established in 1814 and is considered as the olest museum in Kolkata. This museum includes the large collections that unfold Indian art and history. All in all, Kolkata is certainly a destination for the people who love to peep in the history of the nation.

Siliguri: The Shining Star of West Bengal

Nestling in the shadows of spectacular Himalayas in a short narrow strip of land is the breathtakingly beautiful Siliguri. Often called as the Chicken’s Neck, it is just 40 km wide, which would be its broadest section. Renowned as the second largest city in the Indian state of West Bengal, Siliguri is a major gateway to the other northeastern tourism places. It also serves as a connecting point to the famous hill stations of West Bengal including Kurseong, Darjeeling and Kalimpong.


Bestowed with unspoiled natural beauty, Siliguri is one of the most sought after getaway destinations in India. Apart from its prominence in the fields of trade and commerce, this quaint town speaks high of its lush green environment. The rolling hills, lush green tea plantations, meandering rivers and pleasant climate of Siliguri will give you thousands of reasons to fall in love with this exotic destination of West Bengal.


The pristine beauty of Siliguri undoubtedly fascinates visitors, but the warm and friendly locals of the place add more charm to its grandeur. The place is deeply attached to its traditional values and age-old cultures. Similar to other parts of the country, Siliguri celebrates the major festivals of Durga Puja, Diwali and Ganesh Puja. As the local crowd of the town is open-minded, you would get to see different contemporary events such as fashion shows and fetes. Along with the local culture, the local cuisines of Siliguri are something that you would surely admire! Whether it’s the roadside joint or a restaurant, the scrumptious North-East Indian cuisine served here would just satiate your taste buds.

Siliguri_tourist places

With so many visitors coming to Siliguri, it offers a wide range of accommodation facilities catering to the needs and preferences of travelers. From five stars to budget hotels, there are plenty of options to pick from. You can count on the Siliguri hotels for serving you with high quality services and warm hospitality. Come and experience the grandeur of Siliguri hotels while having a blissful time in the awe-inspiring destination.



Enjoy in Siliguri with Your Mates

The Indian state of West Bengali is blessed with some of the great holiday destinations. And one such place is Siliguri, which has been long known as a beautiful hill station of significant repute. This place has been developed into a self-sustained township in past few years with loads of tourist value to offer. The addition of the International airport at Bagdogra along with well-connected railway station has made it very easy for the nature admirers to come to Siliguri. This has also led to the rise of the town tourism prospects.


Siliguri is located at the foothills of gigantic Himalayan ranges and is also popular as an education hub. Students from West Bengal state and other places in the country visit the East Indian paradise to spend the formulative years of their life. Geographically, this beautiful hill station has been flanked by Bangladesh on one side and Nepal on the other. Bangladesh is located in the Siliguri corridor that links to its different North Eastern states. This hill station also creates a base for various other holiday places in the North of the state.


The people residing in Siliguri are friendly and welcome visitors with open arms. The township has said to be recently seen mass migration from the various states and countries. And it has led to the declination of the basic ethos of the city a little. However, you can still amply enjoy the local culture of the city. Talking about its food, it is definitely worth tying. There are many roadside joints that serve delicious local cuisines at cost-effective prices. While in the city, do not miss the signature momos prepared with beef, chicken, pork and vegetables.


Though every season has its own charm in Siliguri but winters are considered the ideal time to enjoy in this hill station. There is no dearth of luxury hotels in Siliguri. These provide lavishly designed rooms that are well-furnished with highly advanced facilities. These luxury hotels in Siliguri pay undue attention to every minute demand made by their guests. You can choose to stay in any of the lavish hotels in this hill station that sounds the perfect to you.

Know About the Insights of Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most beautiful cities, where you can see the colors of India. Located in the eastern region of the country, Kolkata has been crowned as the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. The city has always been known for its most famous landmark – the Howrah Bridge that often acts as the symbol of the city. Kolkata is also widely appreciated for its love for art and culture. It is due to this fact the city is considered to be the cultural capital of India.


The official language of the city is Bengali and the people residing here are also known as Bengalis. However, you would easily be able to locate people from various other religions like Hinduism, Christianity and more. Bengalis are widely known for their scrumptious fish cuisines, which mainly includes Rice and Dal. You would find many restaurants and eateries here that serve delicious local food at incredibly low prices. While in the city, do take the time out to explore different local food shops in Kolkata.


Apart from cuisines, Bengali sweet are also loved all over the country. One must definitely try Mishti Dahi, which is Sweet Curd, Sandesh and Ras Malai while in the city. People who look for a change in Kolkata can plan a visit to China Town that serves you some of the best delicious Indian spiced Chinese food. Chinese dumplings, commonly known as Momos are a hit here. Kolkata railway is prime attraction of the city and grabs the attention of the travelers. The city metro railway service was the first underground service in the country.


Some of the other tourist attractions include Eden Gardens, Victoria Memrial and Science City. Kolkata is also considered as an education hub of the country especially for the Maritime fraternity. Not only travelers, but a large number of students come to the city for their higher studies. Kolkata railway station is well-connected to different cities of the country including Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Pune etc. Moreover, various countries of the world are well-linked via air with the city.

Explore the Drive-in Beach in West Bengal

Thousands of small crabs crawling around the 13 km long beach, making it a sight of simmering field of mandar, a red flower. Ages ago, this resemblance ignited the imagination of the people residing here and they started calling it Mandarboni. However with the passage of time, its name got revised to Mandarmani. It is basically a large seaside resort village developing with a fast pace in the Indian state of West Bengal. Located in the East Midnapore district at the northern end of the great Bay of Bengal, Mandarmani is well-connected to Kolkata, the capital city of the state, by a highway.


Mandarmani is considered to be the longest driveable beach in the country. However, this area receives low waves as compared to the beaches located in Digha. Mandarmani is the deposition with the formation of neo dunes in different areas especially close to Dadanpatrabar. This drive-in beach is the perfect place to enjoy with your friends away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Sunsets and sunrises at Mandarmani beach are just breathtaking.


The peaceful environment at the beach provides a sense of relief to your soul. You can also loll on the sand and listen to the passing waves on the shore, which will certainly take you away from the bustling pressure. Swimming is also allowed at Mandarmani beach. While people here also get involved in various activities like beach cricket, beach volleyvall, table tennis, carom and boat cruises. Road is considered the best mode to reach Mandarmani beach. Contai is the nearest train station and Kolkata houses the nearest airport of the beach.


You would find ample of accommodation options here. However, if you do not wish to spend a fortune on accommodation, you can browse cheap hotels in Mandarmani. These offer comfortable stay at cost-efficient prices. Rooms at cheap hotels in Mandarmani are clean and well-furnished with basic amenities. You can search on internet about the best cheap hotels that can provide best value for money in Mandarmani.

Make Darjeeling Your Next Holiday Destination

Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful places in the Indian state of West Bengal. Thousands of people visit this city every year to witness its beauty in person. Darjeeling is counted among the most talked about hill stations that are located in the eastern side of the country. This holiday destination never fails to impress its visitors, no matter, if he is a silent walker or an adventure enthusiast. You will find ample of sightseeing spots here that can will be a treat to your eyes and heart.


Geographically, Darjeeling is located in the Mahabharat Range or Lesser Himalaya at an average elevation of about 6710 ft above from mean sea level. This hill station has been widely renowned for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is basically a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is the headquarters of the Darjeeling district that has a partially autonomous station within the Indian state of West Bengal. There are various places to visit in Darjeeling that would leave you spellbound. From scenic landscapes to great waterfalls, you would find it all in Darjeeling.


Darjeeling took a next step for its development in the mid 19th century. It was the time when the colonial British administration formed a military depot and sanatorium. Moreover, locals were engaged in the extensive plantations of tea during that period. That resulted in the creation of hybrids of black tea and advanced fermentation techniques. Darjeeling tea has now been widely acclaimed and considered to be one of the most famous black teas in the globe.


The Himalayan Railway of the town is one of the amazing places to visit in Darjeeling. This railway line connects the town with the plains. Moreover, it has one of the few steam locomotives, which are still in use in the country. Darjeeling is considered as the part of the Eastern Himalayan Zoo-Geographic zone. Flora around the town includes oak, semi-evergreen, sal, alpine and temperate forests. You can explore the dense evergreen forests of oak and sal around the town, where different types of rare orchids are found. Hence, Darjeeling is also a paradise for the people who love exploring flora and fauna.

Magnificent places of Kolkata


Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan city of India, which is allocated as the capital city of state of West Bengal. This majestic city is situated at the banks of River Hoogly. Formerly, it was famous by the name of Calcutta but now it has its official name i.e. Kolkata. This prestigious city was use to serve the capital of British government in India, the city has closely observed the British      Raj in India. This city actually shows the perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyle of India, which makes it to get crowned of tag as City of Joys. The colorful ambiance gifted Kolkata visiting places that make it a traveler’s paradise.


It is known to be on the important city of nation that shares a big share of finance in rapid development of the nation. That’s the reason Kolkata has its own charms that make it one of the must visit places in India for the tourists from all over the world. The welcoming nature of people of the city makes every traveler to visit the Kolkata visiting places. The major places that one must visit during their trip to Kolkata get started with Birla Planetarium. This place is one of the world famous tourist spot of Kolkata, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It is a domed shaped white building and a must visit destination for the astronomy freaks. This was established in the year of 1962 by the Birla education trust.

howrah bridge

The second name in must visit places is Victoria memorial, which is one of the most beautiful and imposing structures of Kolkata.  The Victoria memorial is a marvel in marble that was set up in the year of 1921. But now it has been turned as a museum, which has the most beautiful pieces of British art and also a wonderful gallery that makes it a must visit place of Kolkata. The third most legendary Kolkata visiting places is the grand Eden gardens stadium. It is a beautiful and huge majestic cricketing stadium. This place is considered as the finest stadium for facilities in cricket, it is the largest cricket stadium in India and ranked as the second largest in the world. With this prestigious locations of Kolkata one have must understood the glorious past and shining present of the city. So, whenever you plan to visit this city you should not miss the chance to visit these legendary places of Kolkata.


Explore the Old World Charm in Kolkata

Located on the banks of river Hooghly, Kolkata has always been the talk of the nation. This pretty city has been crowned as the capital of West Bengal. It boasts of a graceful culture, versatile future and rich history. It was earlier known as Calcutta and was the top favorite city of British during their rule over India. Owing to its vibrant culture, Kolkata has been bestowed with so many honors like city of Joy, cultural capital of Indian and the city of processions

Victoria Memorial.

Almost every festival is celebrated with great zeal with the people residing in the gorgeous city. With so much to explore, the city never fails to express its visitors from different corners of the world. From a religious person to a party animal, anyone can have the time of their lives in a city like Kolkata. There are many tourist destinations in Kolkata. Some of these include Park Street, Kalighat, Maidan, Eden Gardens, Town Hall, BBD Bagh, College Street, Howrah Bridge, Science City and Victoria Memorial.


The city of joy presents a friendly attitude to the people that is new and has gained high returns to this second populous city of the country. Some of the high profile industries are also located in the city, which includes ITC Limited, Bata India, Birla Corporation and Coal India Limited. These provide employment opportunities to large number of people in the city. You would find many zoos, museums, temples and science centers in the city that add more charm to it. The city is one of the beautiful places in India, where people from different parts of the globe long to visit.

howrah bridge

Another thing that the city is proud of is Metro, which is a mass rapid transit system catering the transportation needs of the people here. Kolkata Metro only serves the city but also the districts of north 24 Parganas and south 24 Parganas in the Indian state of West Bengal. Kolkata Metro is one of the most-talked about attraction of the city. While some name it city of joy, other defines Kolkata as the city of dreams. No matter what, Kolkata is the rest assured that it would certainly going to dazzle up with your holidays with trams journeys, narrow galleys and the old world charm here.

Pick Your Accommodation in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is counted among the top tourist destinations in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is widely acknowledged for its pleasant environment, ideal for traveling all around the city. Darjeeling is blessed with mesmerizing beauty that becomes the topic to talk about of every traveler who returns back from this gorgeous place. To witness the beautiful lanes, valleys, hills and amazing landscapes right in front, many people plans to be here on its peak season.


The beauty of Darjeeling is not a secret to the people residing outside the country. Therefore, foreigners to travel to India make sure to pay a visit to Darjeeling in the east. Darjeeling is also a great place for the people who look for peace and serenity. This calm city has a lot in store of its every visitor. From a silent walker to adventure enthusiasts, everyone can have the time of their life in Darjeeling. Though every season in the city has a charm of its own, but in peak season, during the months of April to June and September to December, Darjeeling looks simply awesome!


When it comes to accommodation, you would never run out of the choices. The city has a wide variety of accommodations to provide comfortable stay to the people who have come from different corners of the world to spend their leisure time in the pleasant weather of Darjeeling. There are many 5 star hotels in Darjeeling like Mayfair hill resort hotel, WelcomHeritage Windamere hotel, The Elgin and Glenburn Estate. These hotels are committed to offer the best of everything to their guests. You would luxuriously furnished rooms and suites in 5 star hotels in Darjeeling.


There are number of 4 stars and 3 stars hotels in the city that provide luxurious stay at moderate prices to the visitors. Here, you would get rooms equipped with modern facilities with excellent service. Those who do want to spend more on accommodation can choose to stay in budget hotels, providing pleasant accommodation at incredibly low prices. These hotels are easily available but it is better if you book with them well in advance.

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